Friday, January 5, 2018

Tag You're It - The Final Goodbye

June 8th, 2014 the inaugural Tag You're It Design Team and this never been done before challenge entered the blog scene. Jackie Rockwell was the creator of this fun challenge. November 2014, challenge #11, I took over the blog and challenge and now 3 1/2 years later we ended it will challenge #79. Thank you for embracing this challenge and sharing your amazing tag creations with us. It has been a fun ride. This may not be the end for good, but for now we are saying goodbye.

The designers of Tag You're It, past and present, are sharing with you today their favourite tags that they made during their time here on the team.  I hope you enjoy! ~Tracey


  1. Beautiful tags!!
    Good luck everyone!

  2. It was a fun ride, Tracey! Thanks for taking over this challenge blog so tag lovers could express their creativity on a small canvas. Hope to see a revival one day. Take care ♥

  3. Good bye, lovely Tracey. This challenge will be missed. Thank you for taking a chance on a newbie like me. I’ve enjoyed it immensely. Hugs to you. Xxx

  4. This was an awesome idea and I thank you for all your hard work. I was not able to play a lot but the tags always inspired me and I always looked!!

  5. Stunning tag designs by everyone and tons of inspiration throughout the years! Thank you, Tracey, for all that inspiration from you and all your Team members! Happy New Year to everyone!! Hugs, Darnell

  6. These are all incredible! Thanks for all your hard work keeping this challenge alive! I may not have played often, but I was always lurking! LOL Thanks for inspiring all the card makers out there! Best of luck to all of you!

  7. So many amazing tags! Thank you Tracey and thank you to the DT members. Best wishes to everyone!

  8. So much inspiration!
    I’m sorry that I just started
    making tags and missed all
    of the fun! Hoping for a revival
    in the future :-)

  9. Oh no!!! so sad to see this fun and fabulous challenge go!!!
    I participated several times and always, always found amazing inspiration looking at the gorgeous tags the Design Team made.
    Thank you all, past and present Tag You're It! Design Team members, best wishes for your future endeavors.
    Maria Rodriguez.

  10. I hate goodbyes, so let me just say thank you, to you all, for the eye candy you've given us with each challenge!
    be seeing you...

  11. So sorry to say 'goodbye'. Thanks for all the incredible inspirations! Best wishes to all of you!!

  12. I was thinking of taking part in your next challenge, because I discovered the blog in December ... I'm sorry to see that your tag challenge blog goes out in 2018. What a marvel in your creations!
    I keep the link hoping you will come back after a good time of rest.
    Happy new year 2018 at DT and maybe soon ...

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